Zappos Sneakers and Clothing From NorthFace

Zappos Sneakers and Clothing From NorthFace


Zappos has sales and discounts all year round.  These are the Black is Back Luxury shoes, dresses, handbags, sneakers and much more. They also have steel toed sneakers.

Zappos is an online sneaker store based in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In July 2009, Amazon acquired all the stock at $1.2 billion.  This company was founded in 1999 by a Nick Swinmum.

There were 3 partners at first, Tony Hsieh and Alfred Lin were the financiers.  So when they had started in 1999 it was originally called “”.  A few months later the name was changed to Zappos, after the word “zapatos” which means shoes in Spanish.

After Amazon took over they were hacked in 2012 and the company informed 24 million customers that they had to change their passwords.  The incident led to a class action suit.

Zappos primary sales are of sneakers, which makes up 80% of the business.  Currently they sell 50,000

varieties in their stores.  Some of the brands are :

and even crocs.

All the Sales and Discounts right now are for the kids going Back To School.

Everything Zappos sells has free shipping and free returns, they will also pay the shipping on the returns.


They also have wide and narrow widths and hard to find sizes. In 2007 they expanded their line with handbags, eyewear, watches and kids accessories.  Customer Service is their #1 priority. To prove it to a friend (who happened to be a Sketchers affiliate) Hsieh, who is still the CEO of Zappos, bet him that if he called the customer service department of Zappos, he could get an answer to where a pizza shop would be in the area.  The customer service rep came back with 5 different places to go to.


Everyone now a days is looking for something from NorthFace

They have the most innovative things for Women, Men and Kids

  • Boots
  • Hoodies & Sweatshirts
  • Pants
  • Shirts and Tops
  • Hats
  • Gloves
  • Scarves

Everywhere I go this time a year all I see is people with the insignia of NorthFace on their jackets or outerwear.  This is the in thing for all the Men, Women and Kids.

I couldn’t believe when I first read that NorthFace is an affiliate of Zappos and Zappos is an affiliate of Amazon.  Now I can understand how Amazon got so big, they just kept acquiring new companies.

Maybe that’s the way we have to do it.  Or win the lottery!  I doubt that’s going to happen.  So stop and think of some way we can all make some money.  Invent something and let me know, and I’ll put up a website for it.

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