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We want to bring the best reviews to everyone wearing Sneakers today.  There are so many companies and brands out there, how are we suppose to know which ones are better for our feet?

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports, say the test panelists, evaluated Running, Walking, and Cross-Training Sneakers. They tested them on all kinds of surfaces.  They measured stability, shock absorption at the forefoot and the heal.  Weight also makes a difference.  Also the lighter the shoe, the better.

Get A Good Fit

Everyone needs a good fit, if not you could have Discomfort and Fatigue.  Your feet tend to swell at the end of the day, so you should shop late in the afternoon and wear the socks you would wear in the new sneakers.

Types of Athletic Sneakers

Running Sneakers

Traditional running shoes provide extra padding because landing can generate 1 1/2 to 3 times your body weight on your feet.

Walking Sneakers

These are great for people who walk for fitness and want a casual shoe for everyday.


These sneakers are all-purpose shoes.  They can be a money saving alternative to several pairs of specialty shoes for people who are going to do various activities.

Sports Specific Sneakers

A lot of Athletic Sneakers are special.  Like High Tops for Basketball, so you have ankle support. Golf and Baseball Shoes have Cleats for traction.

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Features of Athletic Sneakers

The squishy material is in the midsole. The sneaker that combines cushioning and flexibility, while also having adequate stability, is a better shoe. The shoe should also be lightweight and breathable.

The Sole

There are three layers that comprise the sole.  The bottom layer or outer sole, generally made of carbon rubber for durability.  The squishy middle layer, provides most of the cushioning.  And the insole, which provides some shock absorption and arch support.

The Upper

The Body of the sneaker, should be big enough for your foot and toes, a small space in the front of your big toe should be left for comfort.  This way your toes are not crunched together.


Fabric is the most common.  Extra eyelets at the top of the sneaker provide a great fit for your ankles.  Flat laces are better than round ones.  Shoelaces also called shoestrings (US) or bootlaces (UK) is a system to secure shoes, boots and sneakers.  They consist of 2 strings or cords, one for each sneaker, finished off at the ends with something stiff.  Known as aglets.  Each lace goes thru a series of holes, eyelets, loops or hooks on either side of the tongue of the shoe.

When the laces are loosened it allows the sneaker to open wide, for the foot to be inserted or removed.  Tightening the laces and tying them secures the foot in the sneaker.  Commonly they come in a variety of colors white, black, red, yellow or an color of the sneaker.

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There is a tremendous amount of styles to choose from, but the dressier shoes did not test as good as the sneakers.


If jogging or running at dawn or dusk, reflector tabs can be bought to help with the safety from cars.  They can be bought at any sporting goods store.

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  1. Hello Bill! I am into dancing and notice that the young people are using sneakers for some styles of dancing. Would you be able to blog about this and help me learn more about why and which styles are best and for what dance styles?


    1. Hello Lynne;
      Which styles are best for what dance styles. If you go to my page “Sneakers on the Run” and go to Amazon. When you get thee, type in “Sneakers for Dance Styles” and pick up the ones that would best fit the kind of Dance you are talking about.

  2. Hey there! Great website! I walk 2 miles a day. What would you recommend as a good walking shoe? Also, one of my legs is slightly shorter than the other. Can you recommend something to put in the shoe to even me out? thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Melody;
      My wife has the same problem because when she was a kid she had polio. She now has to have a lift in her shoe and she walks with a cane. Very slight. There are 2 ways to do this, one is to have an ortopedic lift inside the sneakers or shoes or have a special shoe made up with the heel and sole are higher than the other shoe. This is a site that may help http://sneakersontherun.com/the-diabetic-shoe-market At the bottom of the page it is KyBoots.
      Wishing you all the best.


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