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The Runkeeper

Specializing in Asics Sneaker

The Runkeeper is an internet store,  supplying various items besides sneakers.  This store started in 2015.  Before that time it was a Mobile Running App that could be downloaded to your phone, helping people of all fitness levels to get out the door and stick with running.  We will go into that in a few minutes.

So the Runkeeper Store has a section on New Arrivals, Footwear, Apparel for Men and Women, Accessories and Sales.  There is also the Customer Service Department to answer any questions you may have on Shipping, Returns & Exchanges and their Privacy Policy.  The store was started to connect consumers with the fitness gear needed; offering the right apparel and gadgets in a timely fashion.

They carry top quality products from footwear, active apparel, audio & accessories.  Some of the brands are Jaybird, Triggerpoint, Goodr, Nathan and Smith Optics.  The Asics family, a leading footwear manufacturer, was joined by Runkeeper in 2016, and are now their exclusive line.  For the Runkeeper users, this store provides the best opportunity to celebrate a hard-earned accomplishment or get the motivation needed to keep going, together with discounts tied to your app activities, exclusive access to new products and other surprise rewards along the way.

The Runkeeper App

When Runkeeper had started out, it started with as a GPS fitness-tracking app for IO’s and Android phones with over 50 million users.  This app would be able to monitor you walking, running, hiking or any activity.  You would get a clear view of your training with their Fitness Tracker App.  Not only does it track your activity, but its an encouragement for you to be active more often.

If you set goals, this app will help you stay motivated.  There are personalized routines that will fit your fitness level and busy schedule.  Also giving you helpful reminders.  Join challenges, grab workout rewards, participate in virtual races and share achievements with our friends.  this whole running thing works, and with this runkeeper app you can progress even faster.

This App can help you because it has:

  • Audio Cues — Knowing your pace, distance and time.
  • Friends — Celebrate progress and compare stats with your friends
  • Routes — Save, discover and build new running routes.
  • Challenges — Stay motivated with challenges to give you that extra push.
  • Workout Comparison — See how your runs stack up to each other taking into consideration the weather and other factors.
  • Prescribed Workouts — Get a weekly workout schedule tailored to your fitness level and progress.
  • Goal Coach — Goal Setting is the ultimate motivator.  Goal Coach will get you activated and help pick goals that are realistic and specific for you.
  • Playlist Connect — Keep moving with the music you love with spotify and iTunes integration.

Runkeeper Challengers

Periodically Runkeeper would come up with challengers which would reward the user for completing certain tasks in a certain-time frame.  The first challenge was in May 2014 with the goal of completing and having a GPS tracking a 5 kilometer between May 19th and June 19th to be entered to win a LG life band. This was in 2014 and since, they have had other challengers for everyone.

They had a first 5k global run on December 6th of last year.  Thousands of runners in countries across the world had come out for the same event on the same day.  Everyone had to track the 5k (3.1 miles) run or walked.  You were able to run or walk anywhere as long as you tracked it.  A park, a gym, or even on your own neighborhood sidewalk. They had created a limited edition of the 5k challenge and only the people that had signed up would be able to purchase any of these items.

Their run to routine challenge was from January 11th to February 6th. This was to accomplish a set number of activities each week for discounts in the runkeeper store.  The discounts ranged from 4 to 16 activities and gave you from 10% to 25% off their items.  As of now all of these challengers are over, but I am sure they will be coming out with more in the future.

In the meantime, there are constant Workout Rewards, once you download their app.  When you achieve a goal or personal record, they will send a pop-up alert in the app.  Tapping on this will take you to a screen where you can redeem or deny.  Right now, by hitting the pavement (or treadmill) can get you 20% off plant-based products from Vega or special-rate life insurance for runners from Health IQ and a special discounts to the Runkeeper Store.



How To Get Ready For A 5K

When you signed up for the 5k run (3.1 miles) it seemed like a good idea.  On second thought, can I run 3.1 miles?  Should I drop out?  Well before you give up so easily, you say to yourself, I can do this.  So first make sure your doctor says it’s OK, if you haven’t exercised in a while.  Then call a friend, it is always more fun when running with a partner.

If you can’t get a buddy to run with you, search online for running clubs in your area or check with a nearby running store to see if they know of anyone starting out also, that would like a partner.

Before you start, make sure you have a good pair of running shoes.  Visit an online store that carries some of the best shoes in the market today.  Expect to pay upwards of $80 for this critical piece of equipment.  Once your feet are taken care of, the rest of your shopping list – socks, moisture wicking shirts and shorts, a well fitting bra – will be somewhat inexpensive.

Start slow and steady (walk don’t run).  Depending on your fitness level, just start running for about 10 seconds and then walk for the best of a minute, until you finish the training exercise.  As you get stronger, do more running then walking.  Eventually you will be running for the whole workout.  Even while doing the race, you may do a combination of running and walking, as long as you get over the Finish Line.

On the day of the event give yourself time to find parking, register, and use the bathroom.  Finish eating at least 30 minutes before the start.  You want some carbs but not too much fat or protein.  Try a 1/2 of a whole-wheat bagel, oatmeal or a banana.  Depending on the weather that day, you can carry a water bottle or re-hydrate at the finish line.

Some Free App’s To Help You Get Along 

  • Runkeeper will track your distance, pace and time of your runs and walks — Free on Itunes and Google Play.
  • Map My Run – Find running routes anywhere, map your run and track your pace and distance  — Free on Itunes and Google Play
  • Nike + Run – Tracks your pace, distance traveled, calories burned and maps out the route you have completed — Free on Itunes and Google Play
  • 5k Runmeter – Features a 5k run/walk training for beginners as well as training plans for your next run; a 10k or a 1/2 marathon — Free on Itunes

Some things come easier to some people and some things come harder to others.  Just keep in mind “Never Give Up” No matter what you are doing.  Seek as much help as you need.  There are a lot of people around that want to see you succeed.  Wishing you all the best of luck in all your endeavors.


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