The Newbies Guide To Traffic Generation

For All Beginners

The Newbies Guide To Traffic Generation

First of all you have to be able to understand your audience.  Improve engagement and lifetime value by helping users with the different actions you would take.  Learn which features increase conversions, engagement and retain customers.  Then test ways to improve things on your site that worked and things that haven’t worked.

The use of Analytics helps you learn how users engage with your products, experiences and campaigns so you can make them better.  This “Newbies Guide To Traffic Generation” is just the thing to read at this time.

There are all kinds of different ways to generate new traffic, but you must be able to keep these people at the same time.

Web Content

Your web content has to be interesting enough to have people wanting to read it.  In doing this you have to have the best content, articles, blogs and videos.  There are tools out there to create, target, budget and launch a campaign featuring your enticing content.  You have to bring your content to a receptive and relevant audiance.

When writing a blog or post, you have to “Develop A Good Headline”.  This headline is the first thing people will see.  Your headline should jump out at the reader and quickly draw their attention.  A good headline can bring an increased amount of traffic to your site.


Write articles with content that is helpful and useful.  You have to begin with approximately 5 major web page blogs or some people call them blueprints.  These articles are usually tutorial’s teaching people something.  They are usually between 500 and 700 words.  Such articles have to have an appeal to your customers with very practical tips or advice.

Do Not Send Newsletters

The idea here is not to send newsletters. Stop asking customers and website visitors “Sign up to get our newsletter”.  First of all, why would someone want them?  Lets say a home school mom doesn’t want to hear your news.  She would rather have answers to her problems, solutions to her worries, and deals.  (Home School Parents love to feel they are getting a bargain and saving money).

So right off the bat, when creating an opt-in form, lead generation forms or subscribe forms, stop using the term newsletter.  Its not appealing.  Offer the reader a reason to subscribe, one that would appeal to her/his needs and desires.  Instead use:

  • New products for sale
  • Your own personal updates
  • Freebies for subscribers
  • All your blog posts
  • Your new catalog
  • Your Facebook Group and other social media accounts

Although its good to have a regular email contact with the subscribers you don’t have to send a single email every 2nd Wednesday of the month.  Mix it up.  Send several emails a month.  (But not longer than 6 weeks).

If Not Newsletters, Then What?

Instead of newsletters, think of your emails as marketing or informational messages  Each email needs a single purpose and a corresponding call to action.  No more emails with dozens of different ideas.  If you have that much information to relate to your customers, then send more frequent emails or put some of the information into an auto responder campaign.  The most common mistake is putting to many ideas into one email.  Emails should be able to be digested within 30 seconds.

The home school mom is already very busy and dosen’t want to evaluate all the different things in your email.  So she closes or delete’s your email.  You paralyzed her with too many options.  No more newsletters.  Instead send a helpfull email with a single idea / message / call to action.

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The subject line, preview area, email image and headline should drive home that single idea. There’s that one obvious button that tells her what to do. (Usually to visit your site).

 What If They Don’t Read The Email?

Since were not sending newsletters anhymore but sending email messages, there will be a big difference.  What if they don’t open the Email?  Ok, what would you do if you sent an email to a friend and they didn’t answer you in a few days.  Wouldn’t you send another email to her and say something like “Hey, I didn’t hear back from you, did you get my message?”  Or maybe message her on Facebook or even call on the phone.

We are not suggesting to call every person that didn’t open your email.  So resend the email to those who didn’t open the 1st one.  You will grab another 10-25% of your list on the 2nd try.  We all have friends that don’t read emails, so send them a text / call to action on Facebook or Instagram.

Don’t assume homeschool mom is on your email list and facebook or Instagram that she will see your messages.  Odds are she probably wouldn’t see any of them.  This is why you have to offer your message multiple times in different way.  So if you need help with trying to get traffic.  Subscribe Now to this FREE “The Newbies Guide To Traffic Generation”.


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