The Inner Game of Tennis

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Tennis is the art of hitting a ball with a racquet over a net to your opponent on the opposite side of the net.  It can be played either with a single person (singles) or with 2 teams of 2 people each (doubles).  Each player uses a racquet to hit a hollow rubber ball covered with felt around a net to his or her opponent at the other side of the court.  The idea of the game is to hit the ball to your opponent in a way that they would not be able to return it.  The player that cannot return the ball would not get a point, his opponent would get the point.

The modern game of tennis was originated in the late 19th century at Birmingham, England. The rules of tennis have changed only a little since the 1890’s.  There are 2 exemptions that from 1908 to 1961, the person serving the ball had to keep one foot on the ground at all times and the adoption of the tiebreaker in the 1970’s.  Recently they have added a electronic point challenge system. This is where the player can challenge a line call.

Tennis is played by millions of men, women and children for recreational purposes and is a popular worldwide spectator sport. The four “Majors” are the most popular.  The Australian Open, the French Open, the Wimbledon and the US Open.

Game, Set, Match

Tennis is played with a sequence of points played while the same player is serving.  The game is won by the 1st player that has picked up at least 4 points in total and at least 2 points more than the other player.  The score of the game is described as:  0 to 3 points (love), 15, 30 and 40 respectively.  If each player can score 3 points apiece it is not called 40-40 it is called “deuce”.  If each player scores at least 3 points apiece and one player has one more point than his opponent, the score is called “advantage” for the player that is in the lead.  When “advantage” is called the same player has to win the next point or it reverts back to “advantage” for the other player.

Set is the designated amount of games played.  A player usually wins a set when he wins 6 games and at least 2 more games then his opponent.  If there is 6 games won to 5 games by his opponent, then it goes into a “tie-breaker”.  If the player that has 6 games won and wins the next game he would win 7-5.  If the other person wins it is 6-6 and another game is played and the winner of that game is considered the winner at 7-6 wining that set.

A match consists of a sequence of sets.  The best of 3 or 5 sets is the usual amount played.  In a lot of the professional men’s games the best of a 5 set match is played.  In the professional world of the women’s games the best of a 3 set match is played.

The Tennis Sneaker World

To play tennis, don’t you need equipment and special clothes and sneakers?  Well I’m glad you asked.  I didn’t know that “Coach” makes a tennis sneaker.  Nike is probably the most popular right now.

As I am writing this today, I can just picture how many tennis tournaments there are during the year around the world. I found out there are 72 Top Tournaments from January to November.  Some of these games are singles and some are doubles.  Starting in Australia in January and ending in London in November.

As of February 19, 2018, Roger Federer is the #1 player in singles.  Oliver Marach and Mate Pavic are the #1 players in doubles.  Just to let you know, Roger Federer wears a Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor X sneaker and Nike Court Tennis Polo Shirts with Nike men’s 7″ tennis shorts.  He probably has an endorsement with Nike.

As far as Oliver Marach he has been wearing all the apparel from Artengo, they even make the tennis balls.  He uses a Babolat Pure Aero Play Tennis Racquet, and Artengo Tennis Sneakers.


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2 thoughts on “The Inner Game of Tennis”

  1. I am a couch potato and one of the things I love to watch is women’s tennis matches. Will be happy when Serena returns, sorry to see how they treat Maria.I like the way you describe the game and how points are accumulated. How often do tennis players have to replace their sneakers? What do they do with the old ones? Just wondering…

    1. Hi Sylvia;
      As I have found out, just like the famous basketball players, they sign the sneakers and sell them for large sums of money. I am sure that Serena and her sister do the same thing. They don’t let the sneakers wear down that much, maybe after a tournament, they would sign them and then put them on the market.
      As always, stay well

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