The Best Sneakers Money Can Buy

                                    Sneakers On The Run

We here at Sneakers on the Run can get you all kinds of brands, colors and sizes.  We have Nike, New Balance, Puma, Sketchers, Adidas, Asacs, Under Armour, Oskosh, Jefferson (Slip On’s), Capezio (Ballet Shoes), Danskin, Disney, Flowers from Zoe, Crocs, Timberline and many more.

By calling or texting us we can save you money on all these brands and many more.  With this Pandemic hitting the whole world at this time, we can still enjoy buying our favorate products from places you can trust. Give us a try, we will help you in any way we can.

We will also donate 10% of all profits to help the Nurses, Doctors and First Responders from any order over $100.00.

Either Call: 917- 882-8040 OR

Text us at:

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