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The RunkeeperThe Runkeeper

The Runkeeper Specializing in Asics Sneaker The Runkeeper is an internet store,  supplying various items besides sneakers.  This store started in 2015.  Before that time it was a Mobile Running App that could be downloaded to your phone, helping people of all fitness levels to get out the door and stick with running.  We will […]

Sneakers And Stuff From Around the WorldSneakers And Stuff From Around the World

The Hi Top Sneaker Website: KyBoot.shoe.com Owner:  Karl Muller Established:  2007 – Based in Switzerland Prices:  $270 to $370 My Rating: 9 of 10 The Hi-Top is a shoe that extends significantly over the wearers ankle.  It is an athletic shoe particularly for basket ball.  Sometimes they are confused with the shorter mid-top sneaker, which does not cover […]