Steel Toed Sneakers

Steel Toed Sneakers

Years ago steel toed boots were very hard on the feet at the end of the day when you had to walk in them all day.  Nowadays since they make steel toed sneakers they are more comfortable, your toes and feet don’t hurt as much, and their stylish.

They used to be the best safety shoe that had protection for the feet in the toe part of the shoe.  These shoes also had a mid sole plate to protect form stepping on nails or any penetration from the bottom of the shoe.  These boots and shoes were and still are most important in the construction industry where the hazards are more frequent or for insurance purposes that require the use of them.  There would be small insignias on the boots as to the levels  of protection from chemical hazards, electric shock, penetration or impact.

Steel Toed Sneakers for Men and Women

Who Ever Thought? I saw on some of the websites around that they make steel toed sneakers.  They make Sketchers’ for women,  New Balance for men and women, also Reeboks’ for everyone.  For men there are safety steel toe shoes, usually for work in construction or on a heavy duty job site.

May Be A Good Defense Mechanism

For Women a steel toed sneaker would be a great Defense Shoe.  A kick in the right place would make me wince just thinking about it.  (Even if it was in the shin of the leg)  Hopefully no one would have to go to such extremes. But they are making them in stylish looking colors nowadays.

Steel Toed Shoes for Working Men and Women

They are still making steel toed shoes for the working men and women. I can remember they had steel toed shoes and Boots for the men when I was working in construction on high rise buildings and walking on the steel of each floor that had gone up. That was in the early 70’s.  The shoes in those days didn’t last too long because we had been walking on reinforcing rods all day long.  The only thing left of them after 6 months was the steel toe of the shoe.

These safety shoes now come in many styles including sneakers and clogs.  Some of these shoes are quit stylish. The supervisors that have to go from job to job like them better because they are somewhat fashionable.  These sneakers and shoes have become so popular that now even Caterpillar, Rockfall and JCB have issued licenses t produce their own shoe.

These sneakers are not made for running or for any sport for that matter.  In the USA, they have two places where these shoes have to be inspected before they can be sold to the public.  One is the ASTM (Standard Test Method) and ASTMF (Standard Specification for Performance).  There are also OSHA regulations that have to be abided by when on the construction jobs.

These steel toed shoes are made for Firefighters and Police Officers, not just for construction workers.  Every one of the shoes are constructed according to who and what a person is engaged in with their jobs.

Canada has even more stringent regulations then the USA and have to have it stitched right onto the shoe.  These are all for heavy construction purposes.

Now Zappos has all the up to date styles, brands and colors of these steel toed sneakers.  Carhart, Caterpillar, Altra Footwear, Timberland, Reebok, Keen Utility, New Balance and Puma, Nurse Mates, Drew and Irish Setter just to name some that are in stock. Returns are free.

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6 thoughts on “Steel Toed Sneakers”

  1. I believe steel toed shoes are a very good defense as you said.
    Steel toe shoes in my opinion are very easy to walk in these days not like they used to be. Going thru a long day wearing steel toed work shoes were very heavy and at times hurt the toes.
    This is a very good and I see you use Amazon as well as myself with certain things, have you looked and compared the products from ebay? They have a great selection and daily deals on specific items. You should compare a lot more and you will notice the differences and have more to compare too for your traffic audience.

  2. I had no clue they made steel toed in so many different options. Not only are they good for defense but even simple things like working in the garage or doing yard work.

    This is 2017 and people are always thinking safety. I know I am going to direct my wife to this site to take a look at what is offered. She is a show kind of girl.

    1. Thank You Dale. When your wife is ready to buy, just have her come back and see the post. They have a great selection.

  3. Hey Bill:

    Maybe I’m missing something here. Steel-toed SNEAKERS? I thought the shoes were supposed to be lightweight jobbers that provide nice support for your feet and joints as you go jump around or run, run, run or whatever.

    The thought of lugging around metal on my feet as a method of self-defense just wouldn’t occur to me. My own feeling is that it’s better to learn proper self-defense methods rather than depending on clunker shoes.

    Also, I am thinking, the added weight would make it sort of hard to make a fast get-away from the bad perp. (Since I’m not a cage-fighting female martial artist and sort of on the short side, my own thoughts would be getting far away from danger, not standing there with sneakers that really are not made for stomping.)

    I do love steel-toed worker shoes. They make sense for protecting your feet from harm. Proper ones have heavy-duty, for-real leather all around your feet and ankles as well as steel in the toes. Cool!

    1. Hello Netta;
      These sneakers are not made for running or for any sport for that matter. They are still mainly made for the workplace. They are trying to make them more comfortable and have a little style for people but still having the same support as a regular sneaker.
      The metal nowadays can be made very hard but not as heavy as the past years. Some are made for casual and dress, loafers, and some waterproof.

      The whole idea is that you could not get away from someone, but if you could give them a kick in the shins with a steel toed sneaker, it would be better than breaking a toe with a regular sneaker. These sneakers look like regular sneakers but are make of a heavier material.

      Hope you can find your size at :

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