Sneakers, Sneakers On The Shelf

Sneakers, Sheakers On The Shelf

Ok, just like most people, I’m going to hit the snooze button, just once. A short 8 minutes later, Ring Ring, well I guess I have to get up. So with that comes all the decisions.

Sneakers Sneakers on the shelf, what pair should I wear today? So many to choose from, just what am I going to do? I know, it depends on the outfit I want to wear. Pick the outfit and the sneakers will walk off the self to enhance the outfit. Great……..

The weather would have a lot to do with it also, if its raining or snowing or whether its hot or chilly. If its rain, the waterproof sneakers, if snow, I’m sure the boots will walk out of the closet. Today I’m off, so I don’t have to choose a pair to go to work in. When I do go to work it may have to be the steel-toed sneakers or a fancy pair for the office. Adidas has some sharp looking pairs. And then Nike has the most to choose from.

Yelling, Kids Get Up. The school bus will be here soon enough, and you have to eat breakfast. Make sure you take your lunch, that I have just made and put it in your knapsacks. Those sketchers really look good on little man. Junior and his sister just got on the school bus, and little man will have to be driven up the block to his school.

Throwing his backpack on, he gets in the car and off we go. Bringing him to the top of the stairs, he starts down the hallway and turns his head to me and says, “I got this Mom”. He’s only 4.

So this should be called a day in a Mothers Life. Going to the grocery store, cleaning up the kitchen, and then maybe go to one of the clothing stores like Kohl’s or Walmart. So walking into the store, looking around I see the sneakers starring at me (one of my passions). There are a lot of pairs and brands. Let’s see, maybe a pair of the all white Under Armour sneakers.

Wait, there are a pair of black Nike’s that look good, but dam they don’t have my size. Looking around I spot the New Balance pair I had seen in one of the magazines. Only in blue, I can’t wear blue. So I can’t spend anymore time here. I have to leave.

So on the way home, I have a brilliant idea, why not try buying them online. So when I get home, I jump on the computer and whalah, they have all the brands, sizes and colors I could want. I order a couple of pairs to go along with the 30 or so pairs I have in my closet.

Now the day comes, my new sneakers have arrived, excited I rush to open them. Trying them on right away, I find only one of the pairs fit. That’s OK, because they have a free return and shipping policy. The other pair fit just right, fit good and look good, complimenting my cool looking shorts and T-shirt. As the kids rush in the door from school, I ask ” How do you like my new sneakers?” and as they are running past me, say “They look great Mom”. So back to making supper.

Great Maneuver

So the next day after all the kids are in school, I decide to take a jog with my new sneakers.  I am not that far from the department store, that I was looking at sneakers yesterday. So I decide to go in and look at some more things, maybe to enhance the look of my new sneakers. But that’s not the case as I approach the front of the store, there are 2 men with masks trying to hold up the cash register person. Thank God they didn’t see me coming.

Slipping back out and jogging a slight way away from the front entrance, I grab my cell phone and call 911. Tell them what I had just seen. They say get away from the store and they are on their way.  15 seconds later I see all kinds of cop cars and then the officers, cautiously looking into the store,  they start to back off and wait for the bad guys to come out. As they come out of the store they make the arrests and no one was injured.

What a day in the life of me.  But I didn’t even get a scratch on my new sneakers.  As the store owner came out, he told the police what had happened and they told him that I had called 911.  He comes over and says to me, Thank You Miss and please come back to the store and have anything you want for helping. This is where I get another great pair of Nike’s.

Maybe I should just call one of my friends and see what their going to wear tomorrow, because now I am going to have to take a nap.

Nap Time


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