Sneakers on the Run

Sneakers On The Run

25 Miles or Bust

This has to be a marathon.  But what do you think?  Most marathons would be about 25 miles.  Since they seem to be jogging at a slow pace, I would say it is a marathon.  Marathons are not the only running sport around.   We have many sports that people have to wear sneakers or specialized shoes.  Some of them are running, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis or golf, boxing, bowling or even dancing.  People around the world love sports, and its great exercise if we can participate.

Everyone wants to have a great pair of sneakers while playing their favorite games.  Not only for comfort but they have to be for the right purpose.  Sneakers On The Run contains all the up to date brands, sizes and colors you could ever want.  The walking, basketball and running sneakers are about the most popular in today’s world.

With that said Amazon is the biggest retail store nationally that sells sneakers and sells all the brands and styles online. Below are some of the makes, brands and pricing.

If you would be looking for the most up to date sneakers, take a peek at a friend of mines site.  He’s at the latest  sneakers by Ahmad Ballard.


Makes:    Running Shoes, Basketball Sneakers, Cross Trainers, Performance Sneakers, Casual Sneakers, Outdoor Shoes, Sandals and thousands more.

Name Brands:   Like Air Jordon’s, Nike, Under Armor, Converse, Adidas, Puma, Reebok, New Balance and all of your favorite brands and colors, plus more.  Amazon is one of the best places to shop!

Most people that I have spoken to, do not like to buy sneakers online, because they feel they have to try them on in the store.  This is very true, but if you cannot find the brand, color or style you are looking for in your store, then what?  This is why I want to let people know that online, you can get almost anything.  So lets say you order from Amazon (above), you should order 2 pairs, a 1/2 size bigger, make sure they fit and then sent the other pair back.  They do not have a re-stocking charge and they have free returns.

If you go to Amazon from here, you can get almost anything you are looking for, not just sneakers.  They have all the accessories also.

If you were looking for Boxing Shoes or Boxing Gloves go here.

Say you wanted to look around for Birthday or Anniversary or maybe Fathers Day then go here.

Golf Clubs and all kinds of accessories and apparel go here.

So anything you are looking for could be bought right from here.



We also have all kinds of security systems available, mostly DIY wireless systems so you have no contracts and no monthly fees.  A lot of mini hidden cameras for inside the house and the best part is they can be set up to be able to see everything on your smart phone. If you would like to take a look at them, click here.


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9 thoughts on “Sneakers on the Run”

  1. Billy, it’s not just about the sneakers. It’s about picking the right store to buy from. The staff needs to care about sneakers not just try to push them.

    I don’t tend to buy stuff like this on line. We have a great store chain here called the athletes foot. They check everything out including how you distribute body weight over your feet. You feet are your foundation so I like the personal touch when buying any type of shoes.

    I have never had an uncomfortable pair of sneakers from them.

    This is a very helpful site and I think if you are not already getting many visitors you sure will soon.


    1. Helen, thank you and I will get back to you as soon as I check this out. Its called “Athletes Foot”? I read your and left a comment on the site. Have a Great Christmas and Holiday Season again.

    2. Hi Helen,

      That Shop sounds really interesting – we don’t have anything like that here in the UK. Where are you based?

      Bill, great site – really informative! I didn’t know there was so much to know about Trainers!

      JO. x

  2. Dear Bill, I like this article, it talks about something that we all love – sneakers. It appears that everyone in America owns at least one pair of sneakers and this website is about something that is dear to us all. As a diabetic, I have my sneakers made for me with a prescription. Maybe since there is such a large portion of society that is now diabetic you could discuss proper footwear for us?

    1. Hello Sylvia;
      With your suggestion on proper footwear for diabetics, I am trying to make a post on this subject. Wanting to thank you for your insite and sorry it is taking me a while to get back to you. When I post this article, I will let you know.
      Thanks Again

  3. Hey Bill

    Thanks for this very helpful and informative site. I am just about to buy a new pair and I always go to the shops, I think you have converted me this time round so I will try the online shopping method and let you know how I get on.

    Thanks again

    1. Hello Dan, Hope all is well where you are. Make sure when you buy a pair online, they have free shipping and free returns if necessary. Definitely let me know how you make out. Thanks


  4. I think there’s definitely pros and cons to buying online and instore. Personally I prefer to buy online but I have nothing against going in person to try them on. For me, if it’s a style or fashion based shoe it’s easier to buy online, but if it’s a running shoe I definitely like to try them on first, just because I know I will end up using them regularly so comfort is a must! Do you prefer online or instore?

    1. Hello Benji; I try and workout everyday at a gym, and I go through sneakers within 8 months. They break down on the inside’s, so I have just ordered them online. I usually buy my size and order 2 pair at a time, then I have a spare. I am on the treadmill and bike most often. So the comfort does make a difference also. Wishing you all the best.


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