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The Hi Top Sneaker

Owner:  Karl Muller
Established:  2007 – Based in Switzerland
Prices:  $270 to $370
My Rating: 9 of 10

The Hi-Top is a shoe that extends significantly over the wearers ankle.  It

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is an athletic shoe particularly for basket ball.  Sometimes they are confused with the shorter mid-top sneaker, which does not cover the an
kle.  They should not be confused with the ankle boots, since Hi Tops are referred to as athletic shoes.  Examples are the Converse All Stars, Nike Air Forces 1, 2 and 3, Reebok Freestyle, Reebok Basketball 4600, Nike Air Yeezy and Foggia H. LTD from Fila.


Other outside skateboarding sneakers, such as Vans Vault H.F. LX which support the ankles very well and are useful to those with hypermobility or Fallen Arches.

The Design of the Hi Top sneaker mostly take the form of Converse All Stars or the Nike Air Force 1, 2 and 3 and cover the ankle with a circular vamp.  They come in 2 different ways lace up and slip on, but the slip on’s are very rare.  Various manufacturers and models exist, including Keds, Pro-Keds, Converse and Buscem’s.  These exist for all genders and age groups.  These sneakers have come back since 2014, especially white ones.  They also have dress and casual shoes in Hi-Tops out there.

Classic Football Shirts from the UK

Web Site:
Owners:  Matt and Doug
Established:  2006
Prices:  Varies
My Rating:  8 of 10

Here in the United States it is called Soccer


Classic Football Shirts


Classic Football Boots
New Products
Classic World Cup Football Shirts
Classic International Football Shirts

They have all kinds of things for the players besides the shirts.  Like the socks, shorts, we have the sneakers, they have the classic football shoes (boots). They now can offer over 300,000 football related items that are in stock. 



Steve Madden Store

Web Site:
Owner:   Steve Madden
Established:  1990
Prices:  Varies According To Item
My Rating:  10 of 10



The Steve Madden brand represents a lifestyle. It is about embracing fashion while still maintaining that funky independence that first defined the brand 20 years ago. They have sales going on right now for Women’s Boots, Women’s Handbags and for Men’s Accessories.

For Women

Steve Madden Women’s Exclusives

 Steve Madden Handbags Exclusives

For Men

 Steve Madden Men’s Exclusives


Steve Madden Canada

We also want to include Steve Madden’s Canadian Friends, their lifestyle can be considered as fashionable as ours are. Stay tuned for the different updates during the Fall Season.

                  For Women                                                                          For Men

Select Sale Styles Up to 50% Off!




A Swedish Store

Web Site:
Owners:  Erik Fagerlind and Peter Jansson
Established:  1999
Prices:  Various Sneaker and Accessory Prices
My Rating:  8 of 10

This is a store from Sweden. It is called Sneakers N Stuff


Everyone is looking for designs and styles to make themselves look great and stylish. This makes one feel good.  As long as you can be relaxed in a brand you like. Some people would like to buy from different places around the world, this site has all kinds of sneakers and as they call it “with stuff.” Their website is called, so come and see.



Web Site:
Owners:  Roger Hardy
Established:  2004
Prices:  Various Prices according to Product
My Rating:  9 of 10 Gift Guides – Find the Perfect Gift for Everyone on Your List! Free Shipping & Returns.

Effortlessly Stylish with – Save on Women’s Clothing & Accessories!
Effortlessly Stylish with – Save on Men’s Clothing & Accessories!
Save on Kids’ Shoes, Clothing, and Accessories with!

We also now have, shoes that are comfortable on your feet.  Either at work or just lounging around the house.  Come see and enjoy the Free Shipping.



As we continue with Sneakers from Around The World, we want to introduce our friends from Brazil with the awesome Nike sneakers and outerwear.  Just click the picture below or one of the statements.

Nike Sneakers from Brazil with Accessories

 Nike BR

Para os que batalham pela vitória: AF-1 Premium em edição limitada com as cores autênticas de equipes da NBA.

  Camisa III do Corinthians com até 30% off.

Ação 4 anos de

PRESENTES NIKE: As melhores opções para você e todos da sua lista neste Natal
PRESENTES NIKE: Os clássicos
PRESENTES NIKE: Jovens atletas
PRESENTES NIKE: Os torcedores
PRESENTES NIKE: Apaixonados por Sneakers

All of these stores have an enormous amount of accessories for Men, Women, Young Girls and Boys. Come and visit for the Discounts and Sales.



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