Sneakers Broken Down In Age Groups

Sneakers Broken Down in Age Groups


Everyone nowadays are wearing sneakers, the young and the old. The reasons change from one group to another. The older and younger may appeal to one style and kind, while the teens are looking at the brands.

When people are buying sneakers the two main things are the price and the brand. For the older sector, price is a concern, but the younger generation shoppers only look at the brands. For the 10-29 year old it’s all about the brand. No matter what the cost or style. When parents are buying sneakers for children (under nine) and older folks (above 30), they will look at the price tag first, then look for the brand name and then the style of the sneaker. This is the views of most of the people in the retail stores that are helping the customers buy these sneakers.

Nike and Adidas are the preferred brand for teenagers, while customers who buy the sneakers for their kids and preteens is also Nike. Converse is highly rated by teens, young adults in their twenties and older (30 to 44 year old) people. Adidas is also a brand bought by people in their twenties, while Jordan (a Nike Brand) and LeCoq Sportif are other popular brands. “Consumers” sneaker choices are dependent on the culture they follow, like basketball, hip-hop or soccer.

Kids (5 – 9 yrs old)

Parents shopping for their small ones are usually looking at the price first. Kids feet grow so quickly the sneakers have to be replaced more often then the adults. There are some customers that only shop for name brands for their kids because they feel the child would be made fun of by his/her peers. Less then 10% of these customers find that the sneaker style, whether buying a hi or a low design, aesthetics is important to this age group.

With the parents buying these sneakers, it is also important to note that the child does not have a say in the purchasing of them, so it may be best to consider the wants of the parents, who are probably in their twenties to thirties. Since the parents are in this age group, the brand loyalty will most likely have a greater influence on the purchase.

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Pre-Teens (10 – 12 yrs old)

People buying for their children ten to twelve year olds will make the decisions on what type and brands their children will wear. The price is not always a determining factor with this group. A lot of parents say that being the first to wear the latest styles out there is important for their children of this age.

This group of children still rely on their parents to buy for them, so they will keep an eye on the price, but would want their children to be trending even while they are picking the brand. As with the 5 to 9 year olds, very few of the people in this pre-teen category are interested in aesthetics, style or gender-specific detailing of the sneakers they buy.

Teenagers (13 – 18 yrs old)

For teenagers, the brand name is the most important. Trendiness and having the latest styles and brands the most important considerations for the high school teens. There are a number of popular sports people, basketball, runners and celebrities that teens identify with and follow. Therefore, this tends to increase the sales that revolve around these icons’s.

Most people do not believe this age group even think about aesthetics or price, they only think abut the style, hi or low top, or gender-specific features when purchasing.

Young Adults (19 – 29 yrs old)

Young adults mainly look at the brands that are out there when buying sneakers. The trendiness of the sneakers is the most important factor to this age group in their twenties. But a greater number of the people say they don’t care about the styles and latest kinds of sneakers out there. Aesthetics, price and gender specific detailing play no role in the purchase of sneakers for this age group.

Older Generation

Although the brand name is still relatively important to the 30 – 40 year olds, the older generation consider the value, the aesthetics, getting better value for their money and the quality of the product. Price is the most important factor for the middle-aged people (older than 45). A third of the people aged 30 to 44 and half the parents buying sneakers for their children under nine, consider the price tag first above all features. Less than 10% of people, older than 45, buying sneakers, say the brand is the most important aspect.

The brand aspect is not as important to the older generation then the younger crowd, even though it is still important. It is the most important factors for the adults (30 – 44 yrs old) when buying sneakers. This is followed by aesthetics which is the top factor that sways the (30 – 44 year old) when buying certain kinds of sneakers.

For this older generation, over 45 years old, comfort is more of a contributing factor then styles, brands or trendiness. Price is also a contributing factor for the older generation.

Designers Going Hybrid Fashion

More designers are starting to create hybrid styles, with the combination of dress, casual and athletic looks. This is to make one sneaker that does it all (Now we don’t have to choose a dress shoe or a sneaker when we go out on a 1st date). They are moving towards styles that would fit all occasions from casual to formal.

For the new season, they are expecting a combination of Bohemian elements, modern shapes and sandwich soles made of different materials. The looks are expected to include gleaming surfaces, leather braiding, patchwork, stitching with linen, silk and cashmere materials . Also, eight colors, beige, caramel, red and orange tones or cool and clean with pastels and gray.

I would very much like to receive your feedback on these age groups. If you would like to add something please just leave it in the comment box below.

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  1. As a Mom that is 49, I have been wearing the same style white Addias sneaker for over 20 years. I love that they hold up for at least 2 years. I agree that comfort is a must!

    1. Hello Colleen;
      Hoping everything is going well. This is great to hear that the Adidas sneaker holds up so well. Do you walk or jog in them? This is where they have to be comfortable and not give you blisters. One of my posts “Zappos” has all the sneakers.
      As always, wishing you all the best.


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