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Sneaker Trends

They are telling us that the Dad Shoes of the 90s are going to return, collabs and luxury sneakers as well.  According to some of the greats, that know a lot more about sneaker trends then I do. This will be reviving the old brands and styles.  Sock shoes will be out.  Earth tones and animal prints will be in.  Balenciaga is still going strong and Prada will be next with a lot of attention on Louis Vuitton.

Nike will be regaining the momentum this year with their Off-White and Nike 10 sneakers.  Adidas saturated the market with their Yeezy V2’s and will be slowing somewhat.  There will be more premium leathers and fewer knits.  There will be more focus on women, unisex sizing and luxury shoes.

The tech runner craze will continue to be in the active lifestyle, for comfort and tech forward shoes.  As far as the parents are concerned, the Yeezy Boost seems to still be in style.  Prices have dropped from last year. I think fashion will win out over functional, because there are a lot of chances within the fashion houses.  The experts feel the colors are going to go monochrome with hyper colored accents.  Puma is going to have a really strong year.

Being Authentic To Yourself

They have some great collabs in the works, and they are staying with the classics instead of chasing trends.  Being authentic to themselves will be vital for the sneaker industry this year.  The sneakers nowadays are getting so sophisticated, it is getting hard and harder to stay away from the custom designs.  There are so many helpful tools for the designers they are able to create designs much easier and faster.

As the tech grows, the customization will as well.  Retailing is a dying trend, the kids don’t want to go to the physical store, they would rather buy their sneakers online, because their lifestyles are so hectic nowadays.

The limited partnership of Off-White by Nike drops will stay strong.  Everyone is waiting to see what Virgil from Louis Vuitton is going to come out with.  High fashion outfits paired with a classic sneaker vs. high-heels to major events.  The girls are still wearing guy’s shoes which will continue to thrive.  Over exaggerated heels on sneakers will die off, because it just doesn’t look right.

Fashion and function will probably combine a little more. Fashionable performance sneakers are still a work in progress, but are trying to bring both gym styles to the street styles.  There has been a huge market to have the people training in the gym in the correct footwear.  Navy, Beige and Blue will be the trending colors.  The John Elliot x Nike Air Monarchs and Air Force Reaper are still going strong.  Thinking that customization is here to stay, just a little less intense.

Fun Activities

We will definitely see a longevity in people’s sneaker closets because we all know how cozy New York Apartments are.  We will definitely see more Nubuck and suede which will give high fashion to any sneaker.  Also, there should be more fun activities like the Nike vs. the Tom Sacs Mars Yard 2.0 sneaker release at the Space Camp 2017, where you had to physically earn the right to buy these sneakers by successfully completing an obstacle course that involved physical and mental tasks.  The Air Max 270 will be the unisex sneaker of the year.

The chunky sneaker trend will continue in 2018, as long as there is quality.  When the Triple S Balenciaga S hopefully dies out this year, because people just don’t look comfortable in them.  The Dad Sneaker will definitely thrive.  Who better to influence us on how to dress this year.  Feel like a lot of pop colors will come out in mandarin, reds, blues and stark whites.  We feel that people want more then just a brand name, that’s why Virgil’s Nike collab was one of the most coveted.

People want something that feels more personal, and if it means they can customize themselves, its worth the extra money.  Nike has been amazing with their DIY studios, open to the public.  You want to tell all your friends about the experience and then be able to wear your art on your feet.  Don’t live for trends, live to be a trendsetter. It’s time to set your own standards and live large.

Dad Sneakers

The Dad Sneakers with the Corduroy Fabric on the sneakers are the trend that is in this year.  Because it has reached new heights it will stay relevant but with different brands.  Prada, Fendi and Louis Vuitton are at the forefront as the favorites. With Prada running some of their archival 90’s pieces to Fendi’s logo frenzy, to Virgil Abloh taking the reins at Louis Vuitton men’s shoe.

Antone recently named the color of the year and since have been seeing Ultra Violet around a lot.  Customization says a lot about a product when speaking to certain individuals.  It’s about owning something that someone would have, but you want to make it your own.  That item makes it priceless. Everyone wants to feel exclusive in some way.  We all feel we could live without the plastic see-through material on sneakers.

Dad Sneakers, you have to love them or leave them.  The Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers, have to be dealt with in the footwear industry.  The Chunky unisex style have been the hottest to come out of the vogue for dad sneakers and the broader “ugly sneaker”.  Even when they had moved the production from Italy to China there wasn’t a dent in the demand.  Kering even reported that Balenciaga is now the fastest growing brand in its portfolio, outpacing Gucci.

The Mules

Think about the shoe collection in your closet.  I bet you have a pair of ankle boots, flat sandals, white sneakers and a pair of block heels.  It is definitely safe to say, no matter what new styles come out, these will always be stylish.  Well, now there is one more style that has emerged, the “mules.  These hybrid shoes started to take over last year and now have completely dominated the market.  The retail analysts are confirming that the hybrid mules are comfortable and fashionable.  They can be worn with any outfit and suitable for all ages.

I have been reading some of the reviews, and one women say’s: I had torn my Achilles and am 2 months out from surgery.  I was looking for a backless shoe with support because my heel aches when I’m on my feet in other shoes and I didn’t want anything touching my incision.  These shoes are a miracle. I have worn backless tennis shoes, but my foot still ached.  Danskos are the only shoe where my feet are not aching after a long day on them.  I absolutely love this shoe and its all I wear.  These shoes rock.


The Vintage Barbie Mule is one of the mule’s to own this summer.  Like they say, if its good enough for Barbie, its good enough for you.  Mules of all shapes and sizes are coming up in the stores today.  The new favorite is a version that has been re-invented with a vintage feel.  A Vintage Barbe feel, that is. The stiletto mule can be for both casual and dressy moments.  They can be worn from brunch to dinner and all the time in between. Shop this nostalgic heel now.

Fall Sneaker Trends

As far as I can see, all the stores are starting to change their inventory for the fall already.  Hasn’t the summer just begun?  So the trends for the fall are going to be the Nike Air Max 270, Nike Shox Gravity Sneaker, Vans Classic Checker Sneaker, and the Nike Air Max 97 Ultra ’17 SE.


Glamour is showing all the white sneakers around for the fall.  They are from Adidas, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Lacoste Carnaby Tennis Shoes and 30 other brands.  It may be a hard pick but they will all be out there for you to size up.  To me I still like the keep up with all the new releases that come out.  I can’t afford most of them and my closet isn’t large enough to fit all the things I would like to get, so I guess I will have to be satisfied with just the 4 pair I have now.

When we follow the trends nowadays, we have to be careful and make sure that the sneakers, shoes, heels sandals or flats are the right size, color, brand and price we are looking for.  If we just buy on a whim, our closets are not going to be big enough and we will have to give some of them away, which is not a bad idea, but becomes a very expensive proposition.

Thanks for checking this post out, and if you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment.

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