Nike’s Stealthy New PhantomVSN Football Cleat

Nike’s New PhantomVSN Football Cleat

This New PantomVSN Football Cleat will only be released on July 30. It is a revolutionary Quadfit mesh inside a texturezed Flyknit upper, hidden “Ghost Lace” system, an underfoot traction pattern designed to support quick changes of direction, a lightweight and responsive soleplate with enhanced zonal support, and all conditions weather-proofing.

OK, all you Sneakerheads, Football Fans, and buyers of Sneakers out there, this is the soccer boot for the new football season.

The release dates are:

  • July 18th for the Triple- Black
  • July 30th for the Gray
  • August 6th for the Maroon

It will cost approximately $316. When Phil Woodman designed this sneaker he used all the new technology so the footwear design has an inner layer that “Conforms to Fit”, while the new traffic pattern on the cleats were made for improved movement and water-proofing for all conditions.







The Quadfit Challenges

The new construction in these PhantomVSN will soon be adapted in more of the Nike footwear. This Quadfit, has a mesh inner layer that conforms to fit almost any foot but retains its shape and will not over stretch. The idea is this boot is a ready to use, right out of the box without any need to break it in.

Usually a boot design starts with a sketch, but not with the new PhantomVSN. This Quadfit form performs well because it doesn’t have the normal stretch bias typically seen in woven materials. The axis of fiber conforms to the players foot and provides support in all directions.

As you can see, this sleek style with everything hidden, seems like Nike has come out with a new hit.










Improved Lacing for a Customized Fit

The new “Ghost Lace System” is another unseen item in these new boots. They had done their homework when designing this system by talking to the players. This improvement on the lacing, was minimized and a one pull construction was implemented for equal tension all the way down the foot. This way the laces can be tucked away to provide an even striking surface.












These extrordinary cleats look great and will feel terrific on the field.  I feel that all the soccer players will eventually be promoting these lightweight boots.  I am sure all the name brand stores are going to be carrying them also.  Like Footlocker, Zappos and Finishline.  Most of the players have been using the Magista Obra DF high cuts.  As these Nike PhantomVSN come out, I am sure all the promenent players will be wearing them next season.

Some of the New Releases that come out every few days, from all the brands, are getting more exciting than ever.

Due out 07/27/2018

Women’s Jordan Retro 13

This is just one of the many sneakers that are going to be released in this month of July.  There are plenty more at the 3 stores mentioned above.

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