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Golf Accessories

A Golfers clothing while playing includes gloves, shoes and other specialized golf attire.  This specialized attire includes shirts, pants and shorts which is designed to be nonrestrictive to a players ability to play the game.  Also made to keep the player warm or cool and dry while being fashionable.  Although the stereotype of the amateur golfer is that of wearing clothes that are not fashionable. Something they pull out the back of the dresser draw.

Golf Gloves

Gloves are also worn because it helps a golfer to grip the club better and also to help prevent blisters. These gloves are usually sold separately and the person only wears it on the non-dominant hand.  But it is not unheard of for some people to wear gloves on both hands to reduce chafing.

The increased grip gives the golfer better control and allows for a harder swing for a longer distance.

Golf Balls

Years ago in the 13th century golf balls were made of beech.  Then in the 14th and 15th century’s they started to make them with leather skins and stuffed with down feathers.  Around the 1800’s they were made from gutta-percha which was from the latex of the sapodilla tree in Eastern Asia.  These balls were  much less expensive then their counter part.  Then in the late 1800’s the balls had a raised dimple pattern and then to “mashie’s” in the early 1900’s where experimentation with latex rubber cores and wound mesh skins that created recessed patterns over the surface of the balls.  The recessed surface dimples were patented in 1910 but were not popular till the 1940’s.


A tee is make of wood or plastic that pushes into the ground so the ball would rest on the top.  This tee can only be used on the 1st stroke of each hole.  The most inexpensive is the wood tee and the players could damage or break these in the course of a game.  Plastic tees are more expensive but last longer.  Most tees are 3″ to 3 1/2″ so the player can position the ball higher off the ground while being stable on his feet.  Shorter tees 1 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ are used with irons and easier to use.

Club Covers

A club cover protects the clubs from hitting each other and from the weather while in the golf bag.  They also make the clubs more identifiable at a glance and provide a nice touch to the player’s clubs.  The most common club covers are for the Drivers or Fairway Woods.  The modern designs of these clubs have large hollow heads and long shafts that make them prone to damage.  Covers for all the other clubs are made also.

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