Golf Club Review

A Golf Club Review

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A golf club is an item used to hit a small (usually white) ball in the game of Golf as many people already know. There are almost 26 million people playing golf on approximately 15,372 golf courses in the United States each year.

Every club is made up of a grip, shaft and club head. The first club that is used on the course would be the Wood which is used for a long distance shot from the Tee. Irons, the most used in the game, vary according to the distance left to shoot and where on the fairway you are shooting from.

Now, when you finally get to the green, a putter is used for the last shot (or couple of shots) to get the golf ball into a premade hole. The standard set of golf clubs consist of 14 clubs. All the golf clubs one uses, can all be bought separately or as a set. Most players get used to using 5 or 6 of their favorites and the rest just sit in the golf bag.

The loft, which is the angle at the head of the club, can vary. Depending on the angles on each of the clubs, the ball will fly left, right or straight down the fairway. The ball is compressed upon the impact of the club, while the club loft will give the ball a backspin. Both the backspin and compression of the club will have the ball lift off the ground. Most of these clubs are numbered, the higher the number the shorter the shafts and higher lofts, which give the ball once hit, a higher and shorter distance.


Originally the woods were made of different types of wood until hickory was introduced in the middle of the 19th century. There were many varieties of wood used as time went on. Even when hickory was used, the top of the long nose club, still broke at the top of the back swing. The heads also were made of wood until persimmon wood became the main material.

Golf clubs over the years have improved and now are made of steel, titanium and other types of metals or carbons, making the clubs lighter. The shafts nowadays are a tapered steel tube. The accuracy of the golfer has improved with these types of clubs as well. At the top of the club is the grip, which are now mostly made of leather or rubber.

Woods are used as long distance clubs to hit the ball down the fairway toward the hole on the green. They have large heads and long shafts for maximum speed. “Taylor Made Golf Clubs” were the 1st to make woods of steel. As time went on the people making clubs started using carbon fiber, titanium and scandium. No matter what they made these woods of they always kept the name. Since being made of these new metals it makes the club lighter and allows the ball to go farther and faster. Woods are the largest and most powerful of the club family.


Irons are made solid, all metal head with a flat iron face, shorter shaft with an angle. These clubs are used for all kinds of shots to get onto the green. Mostly for getting out of trouble with the trees, or tight spots they have different kinds of irons, they are numbered 1 – 9 corresponding to the loft angle at the head of the club. They are grouped according to how far you have to go with the ball. The (2 – 4) irons are considered long irons, the (5 – 7) irons are considered medium irons and the (8 – 9) irons are considered short irons. Almost all of these irons are used to get from the tee to the green.


Wedges are subclass irons and have a greater angle at the head above the head of the 9 iron. These irons are used mainly get your ball out of hazardous areas, like the rough or around trees that would be in the way of your shot. There are 5 types of wedges, a pitching wedge, a gap wedge, a sand wedge, a lob wedge and an ultra lob wedge. All of these wedges have different lofts at each of the heads.


Hybrids are a cross between a wood and an iron, letting the player get longer distances and higher flying balls. These clubs have a convex face that gives the golfer an ability to hit the ball harder with a faster swing. The head of these clubs are usually smaller than the regular woods and irons. These clubs usually replace the lower numbered irons. Some manufacturers are making iron replacement sets using the hybrid design.

Ladies’ and Senior sets are now being made with a combination of high lofted woods and hybrids to replace the 5,6 and 7 irons. With these irons the golfers can get a longer distance even when they have a slower swing.


Putters are in a class by itself because the loft is not more then 10 degrees. They are used mainly so you could roll the ball across the grass, from somewhere on the green toward the hole. Most putters have only a slight loft so it can lift the ball from an indentation it may have made when it landed. The newer putters are grooved so the ball will roll rather than slide off the ball. So this increases the distance the ball will roll and reduces the bouncing of the ball across the turf. Putters are in a class that allows two striking faces, non-grip cross-sections, bent shafts and things to aid a players game.


Always carried in one’s golf bag. This club is designed like a putter but with a none lifted face. This type of club is used to lift the ball out of the rough or high grass and hopefully bring the ball onto the green. The chipper is made to replace the high-lofted iron, it allows the player to make the shot with a motion almost like a putt.

Most chippers have a greater loft of 10 degrees, which is the maximum loft permitted by the “Rules of Golf” for a club to be classified to be a putter. So these clubs are classified as irons. A chipper cannot have the same distinction as the putter, an example would be having two faced heads or the grip which has a flat top on putters. In the “Rules of Golf” this does not allow many chippers. There are some conforming chippers that ate non-conforming designs that can still be used in a non-sanctioned game.


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