Golf is a sport that a player uses various clubs to hit a ball into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.  Unlike most ball games golf doesn’t have a standard area for playing.  Coping with the various terrains encountered on different playing fields (courses) is a key part of the whole game.

There are 18 holes on a golf course that are arranged for the players.  Some recreational courses can be smaller, usually 9 holes, but still played the same way.  Each course has to start with a Tee Box and a putting green containing the actual hole.  In between you come across different kinds of terrain such as the Fairway, Rough (trees and long grass), sandpits and various things like water and rocks, but each hole on the course is unique to its own layout.  Every week the holes are different on the greens.  They are moved to make the game a little different and more difficult.

Golf is played for the lowest number of strokes by each player.  The lowest amount of strokes will determine the players score in each round.  The person with the lowest amounts of strokes will be the winner.  The game can be played as an individual or as a team, usually 2 people.

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The Origin of Golf

The modern game of golf had originated in the 15th century in Scotland.  The original aspect of the game was very unclear and under debate for a while.  Some of the Historians tell us that the Romans game of paganica, in which the players used a bent stick to hit a stuffed leather ball, was traced back even further than the 15th century.  As the Romans conquered places throughout Europe, during the 1st century BC, the game became more like the modern game we know today.  Others say “chuivan”, a Chinese game played between the 8th and 14th century, was found in a  Ming Dynasty Scroll dating  back to 1368 titled ” The Autumn Banquet” which shows a Chinese imperial court swinging what appears to be golf club at a small ball trying to sink it into a small hole.  The game is thought to be introduced into Europe in the Middle Ages.

Another game that resembled modern golf was called “cambuca” which was in England that had originated in France. The Persian game of “chaugan” was another possible ancient origin.

Since the game originated in Scotland, the 1st written record was when James II banned the game in 1457 because he figured it was too much of a distraction to learning archery.  James the IV lifted the ban in 1502 when he became a golfer himself, with golf clubs that were first recorded in 1503-1504.  The original 18 hole golf course was created at St Andrews in 1764 when members modified the course from 22 holes to 18 holes.