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Foot Locker
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Company:  Foot Locker and Accessories
Owner:   Former “Woolworths Corporation”
Established:  Started 1974 and acquired by Woolworths in 1988
Located in Midtown Manhattan, NYC
Prices:  Average
My Rating:  9 of 10




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Footlocker, one of the leading global athletic footwear and apparel retailers, cater to everyone. If Foot Locker has it, its APPROVED.  Its latest athletically inspired footwear and accessories are offered in its stores, manufactured by the leading brand companies.

They provide all kinds of products for a lot of activities, such as Basketball, Running and Training.  Also they operate 178 “House of Hoops”, a shop in a shop concept, which sells first rate basketball inspired footwear and apparel.

Footwear has  stores in 23 countries which  are located in the United States, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands and Guam,  in Canada,  603 in Europe, and 91 in Australia and New Zealand.  Each domestic store averages 2500 sq. ft. and the International stores average 1500 sq. ft.

Foot Locker also have the famous “Timberland Boots”   The Legend Continues with NAS- Foot Locker Exclusive Timberland Boot Releases!

I just found out that they have a “Release Calendar”  for the “Sneakerheads”.  Come see, its very interesting.



 Brooks Brothers

Company:  Brooks Brothers and Accessories
Owner:  Claudio Del Vecchio
Established:  1818  and located in Manhattan, NYC
Prices:  Affordable          
My Rating: 
10 of 10

This is the oldest men’s clothing store in the US. The main office in Manhattan NYC is a privately owned company which now offers clothing for women also.

The original owner Henry Sands Brooks in 1818 had said he only wanted to deal in merchandise of the finest quality, sell at a fair price and deal with people that would appreciate his merchandise. His store was the H. & D. H. Brooks and Company.   After his passing, in 1833 his four sons inherited the business and renamed it “Brooks Brothers”.  So as of 2015 they have 210 stores in he US and 70 in other Countries.

Over the last 199 years they have outfitted many of our Presidents starting with Abraham Lincoln.  They have outfitted 40 of our 45 Presidents to date.


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