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Do people wear Dress Sneakers when going out on a date or do they wear Dress Shoes?

It doesn’t matter whether you are 20 or 30 0r 40, you want to make a good impression on the person you are taking out, depending on where you are going, to dinner or to a ballgame.  I feel that a good looking pair of sneakers could be worn if you are taking a girl, on a Saturday Afternoon, for pizza.  But if you are going to a nice restaurant on Saturday night then I feel you should be wearing a decent pair of dress shoes.


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What would men wear when going out on a 1st date?  Casual Sneakers or Casual Shoes?

This question is probably asked by men around the world.  The first thing is you have to be comfortable in anything you are going to wear.  Then you will have confidence in yourself and your date. You definitely want to dress, so you will make a good impression on the other person.  So I would suggest, not to wear a suit and then wear sneakers. When just going out with friends, sneakers are Ok.  But going to Dinner this would not be appropriate.


What would be the appropriate  dress code for a man or for a women going on a Casual Dinner Date?

Meireles Neto

For Men:  Physical attraction is one of the items.   After physical attraction you have to make a good impression,  because this women could be the one.  He wants to see if this women is maybe the one for a long term commitment. She may very well become a lifetime partner.

For Women:  Not too much makeup, and something simple to wear. Its a little awkward if she comes out with running pants and an athletic shirt while I am in a pair of slacks and a pull over with a collar. Nice smelling perfume and a smile always helps.  The totally best thing that you could wear on this first date is an excellent attitude and a genuine smile.


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When over 40, how to dress for a dinner date.

For Women: You have to be true to yourself and your date.  Depending on what type you are, maybe traditional, you could step it up a little with the classic look.  No matter what type you are, make sure you flaunt those legs, look polished, well-groomed, feminine and a little sexy. Don’t wear Turtle Necks, Plaid Shirts, Baggy Pants, Overalls, Stiff Pants.

Wear a dress just above the knee, and accessorize it with some jewelry and nice shoes.  If your legs are beautiful, then accentuate them. If not then maybe accentuate your breasts instead.  Wear a pair of sexy pumps or mid-high block heels to accentuate your calves.

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For Men: In your 40’s everything is style as opposed to trends and fashion.  Pay more attention to what fits and color that is best for you.  Be conservative.  A T- shirt  and a nice pair of jeans would work in the summertime, adding a light jacket in the fall and spring,  and a heavy jacket in the winter.  Make sure you get a good fit and quality materials in the clothes you buy.  You cannot get away with cheap items anymore,  invest wisely.


The difference between trash and class.

A Trashy person is someone that has a dirty mouth, disrespectful, has bad taste and is very unfashionable.

A Classy person is one who carries themselves respectfully, has a good sense of style, an alluring personality, is modest and has self respect for themselves and others.



In Conclusion all I have to say is Bona Petite.

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14 thoughts on “Dress Sneakers Or Dress Shoes – on a Date”

    1. Thank You, I hope it helps some out there. Also looked at your website, I don’t ride, but it good info for anyone that does.

  1. I think your post was well written and laid out nicely with headings. Do you have an affiliate account at Kohls? That’s an opportunity to monetize your blog. The picture for onlineshoes.com did not go to their website, and the pictures below were only linked to a bigger version of themselves. Not every picture needs to have a link, unless it directs the viewer to buy something that you’ll get a commission on. You can look at my website where I have photos of oil paintings in a gallery set up.

    Overall, I liked the content of your post. Best wishes on your success.

    1. Thank You for your honesty Debra. I will definitely check it out. There is an affiliate account with Kohl’s. Fixed the picture so you go right to their site.

    1. Thank You Mitch, I hope it will help some people out there. There is a lot of dating going on out there and we all want to be as casual as possible. Having a good time with others is the whole idea.

  2. Hi Bill,

    I enjoyed reading your post, yeah an important decision needs to be made on the first date, thank God that we have pretty good looking shoes to choose from today, I myself wear comfortable runners that appear to be smart casual shoes for work everyday.

    1. Hi Charlie;
      As long as they are comfortable sneakers or shoes and are not going to hurt your feet. Some people change when they get to an office, because they are behind a desk most of the day. But on a first date, it all depends on where are you going to eat or movie or concert. Makes a difference, because you do not want your feet to be hurting while entertaining. Best of Luck to you Charlie.


  3. Thanks for this! As a woman who is almost 50, I need to start dressing better and stop wearing sneakers everywhere! Thanks for the tips!

    1. Hello Colleen;
      Some places it is appropriate to wear sneakers, which since I am selling them, I feel you should wear sneakers 24/7. Just kidding.
      A lot of people I know, even myself, pick up people visiting me from around the country and we take them to a restaurant in my area and I wear sneakers and a sweat shirt. Not rags but a nice sweat shirt because of the weather.
      This would be the same for when you go on a date, you have to know what is appropriate on that date.
      I am a little older then you and the kids now a days do not seem to be up to date with ethics. So what ever you feel is right for you, is ok with me.


  4. i love sneakers..lately i got a Fila suede sneakers and i cand wear this thing on any date occasions…it is so awesome

    1. Hi Oneil;
      Kool, you just got a pair of Fila’s. Your excitement is great, and I am sure they are awesome. Quite expensive aren’t they? We have all kinds of sneakers on this site, not quite as expensive. Hopefully you can go through some of the other posts and let me know if any of them are to your liking. Always all the best.


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