Doggie Sneakers

Man’s Best Friend

This statement has been around for as long as I can remember.  So if you live in a very cold or very hot climate during the year, I would think you would want to keep your friends feet well covered.  Nowadays they make almost anything you can think of, even booties, or sneakers for your pet.

Just looking at them, you can tell when they want to eat, play or go out.  So you should protect them as one of the family.  In the cold, put on a small cover-up and in the extreme heat on the sidewalks, some booties.  They’ll appreciate it.  You can buy sneakers and booties for small dogs, medium size dogs and large dogs.

They even make leg braces or splints for your dog in case he/she sprains a leg or gets hurt while playing.  They are pretty cool.  I also had seen designer sneakers or booties by Nike. What else could they come up with?  You have to see them.  Besides that they have suspenders to hold the booties on and even dog paw protectors.

For the owners of “Our Best Friends” they make Underwear (Women’s and Men’s), Throw Pillows with pictures of dogs on them, Wow Toiletry Bags, Mug’s with your dogs picture on it and even Wall Art pictures.  Now comes the tough part, a Dog Training Pet Collar, 100% waterproof and Rechargeable Shock Collar, good for 330 yards with a remote control device.  This is strictly a training device, it is not to be used to torture our ” Friend “.

But for all the dogs that are good, they have a Treat Tosser with a built in camera and 2 way audio.  Where you can see your canine friend from your cell phone, iPad, or computer.  As long as you have Wi-Fi in your home.  It activates the app on your phone when he starts barking, and this way you can see what’s going on in your home.


1 – abcGoodefg Pet Dog Puppy Canvas Sport Shoes Sneaker Boots, Outdoor Nonslip Causal Shoes, Rubber Sole + Soft Cotton Inner Fabric

If you are used to exercising or doing adventurous things with your puppy, especially in bad weather, then you need to buy these sporty dog shoes for paw protection.  These sporty dog shoes are great when your puppy is running, hiking, skiing, swimming, cycling, hunting or just walking outside.

This sneaker has a soft velvet lining with adjustable boot laces to keep his/her paws dry, warm and comfortable. Having a durable, non-slip rubber sole to protect from hot road surfaces or snowy grounds.  All the features have been developed for the ultimate paw protection for our doggies.  With an eye-catching sneaker and boot design, matching your cute puppy. Please measure the size of your dogs feet before buying Pet Favorite Dog Shoes.

Sizing Instructions::
Measure Length x Width (OD (outside dimension))

  • 4″ Friend “.5 x 3” Friend “.6 (CM) or 1” Friend “.8 x 1” Friend “.4 (inches)
  • 5″ Friend “.4 x 4” Friend “.3 (CM) or 2” Friend “.1 x 1” Friend “.7 (inches)
  • 5″ Friend “.4 x 4” Friend “.3 (CM) or 2” Friend “.3 x 1” Friend “.8 (inches)
  • 6″ Friend “.2 x 5” Friend “.0 (CM) or 2” Friend “.4 x 1” Friend “.97 (inches)


  • Designed as dog hiking boots, dog running shoes or general dog sports shoes for simply walking outside.
  • Nonslip, durable and ultimate protection from hot road surfaces or snowy grounds
  • Dog shoes for summer, Protect your pet, avoid burned when walking on hot pavement, deck and beach.
  • Cute dog shoes and easily matched with most dog clothes.
  • Please choose the footwear around 0″ Friend “.2”-0” Friend “.3” larger than paw size. SIZE CHART PLEASE SEE DESCRIPTION.
  • 109 Customer Reviews and has a 3″ Friend “.2 out of 5 star rating


2 – My Busy Dog Water Resistant Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole | Size Chart in Pictures (Sizes 1-8)

Do you love trail running with your dog?  Maybe you live in a cold climate and your dog’s feet get freezing cold when going outside.  Or maybe you live in a hot climate where your dogs paws could burn on the hot pavement. The shoes were made for the dogs that don’t look before they leap.  Perfectly crafted to give your dog the safety while not sacrificing mobility.

Its not just us, tons of people love these dog shoes.  Thousands of pups are walking, running, and jumping confidently with this high quality dog shoe.  We love seeing all of our pawsome customers.  We love taking our dogs everywhere, but sometimes they tend to rip things up, like car seats, furniture or hardwood floors.  These dog shoes are a great solution to bring your furry friends on all your adventures with confidence.

These protective shoes will definitely make an impact on both your arthritis and degenerative myelopathy have mobility issues and drag their paws, causing serious nail damage and sometimes cause them to bleed.  These doggies booties ensure their paws and nails are protected, keeping them on their paws into their golden years.


Dogs should get used to wearing these booties in the house several times before going for long works outside.  Reward your dog with a treat each time you put the shoes on and fasten them.  It will speed up the adjustment time.  After using the shoes outside in the mud, rain, snow or dirt, please hand wash and air dry.

  • RUGGED: Tough waterproof anti-slip sole provides stability and traction, protection from sharp thorns, hot pavement, salt during winter.
  • QUALITY: Our shoes have a rugged sole and high quality fabrics that are then sewn together (not glued like cheaper dog boots) to ensure they are ready for your adventure.
  • SIZING: Use the easy size chart located in the pictures to determine the right size shoe for your dog’s paws. We are also available to help you select the right size.
  • CONVENIENT: Water resistant shoes keep paws dry and warm. No more wiping muddy or sandy paws after the rain or snow. Helps dogs with mobility and stability on tile and hardwood floors.
  • SECURE: Easy to put on / off. The shoe expands with a wide split seam opening and two adjustable and reflective velcro straps to ensure a tight fit.
  • 1570 Customer Reviews and has a 4″ Friend “.2 out of 5 star rating


3 – Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protector Dog Boots with Reflective Velcro Straps in 5 Sizes

These are recommended for the larger dogs (4″ Friend “.0″ x 3” Friend “.75″), German Shepherds, Doberman Pinches, Rottweilers and Blood Hounds.  You have to remember, these booties have to be maneuvered to be put on. Inquire about custom size, if necessary.  When putting them on your dog, they are designed for a snug, spandex-like fit.  If you would rater not push your dog’s paw into the boogie, please order the next size.  The model sizes are 4″ to 25”, then he/she could wear a large or extra large.

Putting them on is very simple. Unfasten all the straps.  Pull the opening of the bootie wide and guide your dog’s paw all the way to the toe end of the bootie.  Fit should be snug, like a shoe.  Refasten the straps, pull as tight as comfortable.  Your dog may walk funny at first, but this is normal, till he/she gets used to them.  It is not recommended leaving the booties on for an extended period of time in the extreme heat.  These booties are soft soled and will wear down with constant use on abrasive surfaces.

Dog Tested and Dog Approved! High Quality Neoprene Dog Boots that Conform and Cling to your dog’s Natural Paw Shape.  Very Water Resistant, Puncture and Tamper Resistant, and Aid in Traction.  Bark Brite Booties are Great for all Weather Conditions, Indoor and Outdoor Activities including Walking, Running, Hiking, Hunting, and other Moderate Performances. Great Water Shoes and for Rainy Days!

  • Will Keep your Pup’s Paws Clean, Dry, and Safe with Protection from Ice and Snow, Hot Asphalt, Sharp Objects, Rocks, Wet Surfaces, and Many More.
  • Booties come with 2 Reflective Straps for Better Visibility and Easy Adjustment.  3″ Friend “.5 inch Slit in Back of Booties to make the On/Off Process Easy and Comfortable.  Tough and Durable Non-Skid Soft Sole and Lined Inside to Control Temperature.
  • 5 Sizes Available.  Please Measure your Dog’s Paw Length by Full Rounded Width for Best Fit.  Material Will Expand, Much Like a Glove, so Choose Size Accordingly.  Booties Extend Beyond Sole 4″ Friend “.5 Inches to Secure Placement and Ensure the Booties Stay On!  Each Set Includes all 4 Booties.
  • 545 Customer Reviews with a 3″ Friend “.8 out of 5 star rating

Every animal lover knows they make a multitude of things for our lovely pets. They even have disposable Dog Booties.


4 – BUBBLE PAWS Disposable Dog Booties- Rubber Slip-On Puppy Rain Boots Shoes for Small and Large Dogs- Pet Paw Protectors with Velcro Anti-Slip Sole, Assorted Colors and Pack Sizes

Bubble Paws give you a selection of disposable booties that help you keep you pet safe and clean.  Especially when they are running with their friends in the doggie parks.

They protect your pet from:

  • Ice and salts that can burn their feet
  • Hot surfaces, summer pavements that can cause burns and blisters
  • Slippery surfaces so they wouldn’t slip and slide.

These booties are designed to:

  • Easily slip on.
  • Secure grip on the bottom to provide extra traction.
  • Easy to adjust with the velcro strap.
  • Disposable for your convivence and not bring the germs back into the house
  • Paws are super delicate, so protect them and keep your pet clean and safe with these easy to put on, affordable, adjustable and biodegradable booties.


  • BOOTS FOR DOG PAWS- Keep your furry little friend’s paws safe, clean and secure with these rubber pet boots that are soft, lightweight, waterproof and very easy to put on even with a small dog that can’t seem to keep still because he is so excited to be going out for a walk!
  • DISPOSABLE RUBBER SHOES FOR PETS- Made out of disposable ultra-lightweight and thin rubber that can be thrown out in the trash after use, these dog shoes also feature a wide opening to make it better for dogs with nails to get their paws into and the velcro cinch-able strap to hold your pets paws easily even with blisters or wounded paws.
  • NO-SLIP GRIP- Paw Control left no corner unturned when we designed these unique dog booties.  Boasting a grid traction bottom so Fido won’t slide, slip or skid on any surface, these dog boots emphasis stability and protection from the elements including rain, snow, mud, summer heat, sand or whatever weather condition your puppy has to contend with.
  • EASY ALTERNATIVE- Dog shoes can be complex and tiresome to put on your pet. Sparky never sits still and fights you the whole time!  Thanks to Bubble Paws you don’t have to worry about that because we’ve got you covered.  Constructed to be easier to put on, these shoes for dogs are great at protecting hardwood floors from nails and wonderful after a rainy run to keep your house clean.
  • PET PUPPY PAW PROTECTORS- Our mission at Bubble Paws is to empower pet owners to take their furry friends out on walks regardless of the weather conditions.  So even if you have a large dog that lives up north and runs in the snows of Alaska or if you have a puppy dog that starts his morning routine on the sands of a Waikiki beach, allow us to be part of your pet’s run and make us a part of your family.
  • 6 Customer Reviews and has a 3″ Friend “.2 out of 5 star rating


5 – Musher’s Secret Pet Paw Protection Wax

There’s not much to be said, but this 1 pound container can be rated by the amount of Customer Reviews at the bottom of the page.

Just a couple of Reviews from people that have bought this product already.

One woman says that she found another use for this besides on her dogs paws. She would use it on her nipples while running every day because the T-shirts would chafe her. What works for some.

Another woman said that her dog had a HYPERKERATOSIS which is the cracking of the pets nose, using this product helped tremendously in just 2 days.

  • Plant Based Food Grade Waxes To Condition The Paw For Snow, Salt, Hot Sand And Pavement
  • Non Toxic Food Grade
  • All natural and reusable
  • 3580 Customer Reviews and has a 4 out of 5 star rating


6 – PetCee Dog Jacket, Waterproof Fleece Lined Reflective Jacket Dog Loft Jacket Dog Climate Changer Fleece Jacket with a Tape Measure

This jacket is to keep our 4 legged friends, warm and dry in rainy weather.  Made of a nylon cloth layer, which is waterproof and designed to look good on any doggies.  Coming in all kinds of sizes for whatever size our friends are.

This is the size chart below:
PetCee warm tips: When you are ready to choose jacket for your pets, it’s better to measure your pets
neck, chest, and back length. and then refer to the jacket size as following.


  • XS: Length 10″, Neck 11~13″, Chest 12”~14″, Recommended breed: chihuahua, yorkshire terrier
  • S:Length 12″, Neck 13”~16″,  Chest 14″~17″, Recommended breed: jack russell terrier, french bulldog
  • M:Length 14″, Neck 16”~17″, Chest 17″~19″, Recommended breed: pug, west highland terrier
  • L:Length 15″, Neck 17”~18″, Chest 19″~21″, Recommended breed: beagle, boston terrier
  • XL: Length 16″, Neck 18”~20″, Chest 21″~24″
  • XXL: Length 18″, Neck 20”~24″, Chest 24″~28″
  • XXXL: Length 23″, Neck 24”~28″, Chest 28″~34″


  • MATERIAL: 100% Fleece Lined and 100% Polyester Surface.  Waterproof and windproof, keep your dog warm in winter cold snow weather.
  • CHARACTERISTIC: Easy to put on with fully adjustable velcro straps.  Water resistant outer layer. Machine washable, leash attachment.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Best suited for large breeds such as Boxer, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd
  • NOTE: 100% return guarantee.  Any problem about PetCee jacket’s size, quality or dislike, you can apply to exchange or refund.  But we hope you can tidy the jacket before you return, if you have tried it on your pets.
  • 1198 Customer Reviews with a 3″ Friend “.9 out of 5 star rating


7 – Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible British style Plaid Dog Vest Winter Coat Warm Dog Apparel for Cold Weather Dog Jacket for Small Medium Large dogs with Furry Collar (XS – 3XL )

This Kuoser Cozy Waterproof Windproof Reversible Plaid Dog Vest is made of the highest quality cotton fleece outwear. They also have a size chart:

  • XS: Back Length: 10″ Friend “.23″/26CM, Neck Girth: 11” Friend “.02″/28cm, Chest Girth:13” Friend “.38-15” Friend “.74″/34-40cm
  • S: Back Length: 12″ Friend “.59″/32CM, Neck Girth: 11” Friend “.81″/30cm, Chest Girth:16” Friend “.53-18” Friend “.89″/42-48cm
  • M: Back Length: 14″ Friend “.17″/36CM, Neck Girth:14” Friend “.17″/36cm, Chest Girth:18” Friend “.89-21” Friend “.25″/48-54cm
  • L: Back Length: 15″ Friend “.74″/40CM, Neck Girth: 15” Friend “.74″/40cm, Chest Girth: 22” Friend “.04-25” Friend “.89″/56-66cm
  • XL: Back Length:16″ Friend “.92″/43CM, Neck Girth: 16” Friend “.92″/43cm, Chest Girth:24” Friend “.4-28” Friend “.34″/62-72cm
  • XXL: Back Length: 18″ Friend “.5″/47CM, Neck Girth: 18” Friend “.5″/47cm, Chest Girth:26” Friend “.77-31” Friend “.49″/68-80cm
  • 3XL: Back Length:23″ Friend “.2″/59CM, Neck Girth:23” Friend “.2″/59cm, Chest Girth:32” Friend “.38-39” Friend “.37″/82-100cm

To better fit your dog, please do measure the size of your dog and compare to the size chart or consult with us before placing order.

  • Reference Only: XS fits dogs 4-6 lbs. S fits dogs 6-12 lbs.; M fits dogs 12-20 lbs.; L fits dogs 20-35 lbs.; XL fits dogs 35-45 lbs.; XXL fits dogs 40-60 lbs.; 3XL fits dogs 60-100 lbs.
  • Material: Filler: Polyester fiber. Material: Polyester + TC (ethylene/cotton), Water Resistant Outer layer/ Soft and Warm Inner Layer.
  • Design Creative: Exquisite stitching, Easy Velcro Closure, Easily put on and take off.  Comfortable belly part, warm fleece lining.
  • Features: durable, fashion, vintage, water repellent, fine in detail, lightweight, wind-proof
  • Please note and understand that we never authorize any other sellers to sell our products, all our products come with a tag of ” Kuoser” in unique package, please choose items sold by Kuoser for safe shopping, thanks!
  • 2306 Customer Reviews and has a 4.0 out of 5 star rating

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  1. really like the site theme ’cause it is so all inclusive with categories calendar pages archives menu …on a real note …sneakers for dogs ??? get outta here …if someone told me that at a saloon over a cool one I’d be rolling on the floor laffn …we are a dog family …only time I can remember no dog around was Nam …but such sophisticated paw wear –WOW …we have done rescue dogs for the last 28 years …where I grew up in north Florida we, or grandpa raised larger dogs and they were all trained to chase escaped convicts from the many different prisons across north Florida …they all (maybe 8 to12 max) stayed outside and pap fed lots of raw garlic so the never got tics, fleas, or worms …well some times worms when they catch or eat road kill …don’t even mention the vet to pap …we knew the hound was sick when we went out in the morning to feed ’em and one b laying there with all 4 legs pointing at the clouds …so I digress this theme by theme farmer for my next site

    1. Hello Jar; Now you are making me laugh. These sneakers or booties are for small house dogs as peoples pets. Since you grew up in Florida, I guess the weather wasn’t that bad for the dogs. There are other posts to buy sneakers for people. I don’t think the doggie sneakers would fit a grownup. Hope you received the backlinking campaign, let me know how it works for you. Wishing you all the best.


  2. Bill this is great, something I never knew. I didn’t realize how much we were spoiling our pets these days. I enjoyed reading all this information.

    I have a very active German Shepard. I guess if I was to get her some sneakers I would need the Bark Brite All Weather Neoprene Paw Protectors? The pavement can get real hot here in Texas, so I assume these could cool her paws? I do feel bad for her when the temperature gets above 90, but she gets through it. Might have to get her some of these, see what she thinks.

    1. Hello Wayne; The Bark Brite Paw Protectors would probably be the best bet because they make the larger sizes. I’m in NY and the last week or so has been brutal on the poor animals feet. Not only with the heated walks and streets but the humidity and seeing them sweat through their tongues. You have to carry a water bottle around just for them also. Wishing you the best of luck.

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