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There are many sports fans out there that are very interested in the Boxing World.  They will go to see as many fights as they can during the year, even if they have to travel to a different state or county.  Some are very fanatical.

In my lifetime there have been a few death’s in the ring when fighters are not stopped in time, but mostly because the other fighter can hit harder to his opponents head then expected.  This usually happens when an experienced fighter is not matched up with an appropriate opponent or one of the fighters did not train correctly for the fight.

You have amateur boxing and professional boxing.  Most of the Armed Services have their own boxing teams and put on matches within their own ranks.  These matches are usually amateur boxing.  This sport is done for entertainment of the troops or some times for charity.

When the boxers are in the ring and a referee says breakup or stop, it could be because he feels one of the fighters are hurt or cut to bad to continue.  When the bell rings between rounds the referee will tell the fighters to go to their respective corners.  They usually have an assistant there to rinse their mouth with water or try and fix a cut or bruise on their face and when the bell rings again, they will come out fighting once more.

If the referee feels there are any medical concerns while the fight is going on, he can stop the fight and declare the opponent a winner. No one wants to see anyone with permanent brain damage.

The boxing shoes are an integral part of the sport.  As well as the different types of boxing gloves below.

The Boxing Hall Of Fame

There are 2 Boxing Halls of Fame, one in Las Vegas, NV which opened in 2013.  This one is the International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHF).  The other one is the World Boxing Hall of Fame (WBHF) which is located in Canastota, NY. which is about 15 miles east of Syracuse.

Some of the great names in the (WBHF) are Roberto Duran, George Forman, Ricardo Lopez, Gabriel Elorde, Ceferino Garcia and Salvatore Sanchez.

In the (IBHF) include Jack Johnson, Benny Leonard, Jack Dempsey, Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson, Archie Moore, Mohammad Ali and many more.  Inductees’ are brought in in June of each year.

The Boxing Hall of Fame in Las Vegas had a library of films, tapes and radio broadcasts.  This library has the exclusive rights to all the great boxes, where the other Hall of Fames do not.

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Types Of Boxing Gloves 

There are three types of boxing gloves:

Bag Gloves: For an athlete in training while using the Punching Bags to protect their hands usually non-sparing.

Sparing Gloves: Are made especially to protect both athletes while sparing in practice bouts.

Competition Gloves: Designed to protect both athletes while competing. Built according to official regulations, generally has less padding then the other two kinds of gloves.

In 1983, at Madison Square Garden in New York, Luis Resto beat Billy Collins who was undefeated.  In an investigation they found Luis Resto’s gloves had been modified with padding removed by his trainer, Panama Lewis.  He then spent 2 years of a 6 year sentence for assault, conspiracy, tampering with a sports contest and criminal possession of a deadly weapon (Luis Resto’s Fists).

Boxing Gloves in Other Fighting Sports

Open fingered and open palm gloves are used in Judo and Ju-Jitsu for “grappling”, which is a Martial Art Bout.  These are not boxing gloves. This “grappling” is totally illegal in the modern sport of boxing. They do have a caged in martial art sport now a days.  This is still not considered boxing.


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