Sneaker Stores

Sneaker Stores

There happens to be thousands of Sneaker Stores around the United States and actually around the world.  I’m only going to mention a few and then give you some of the brands that these stores sell.

We have:

Modell’s – Selling Clothing/Apparel, Sports and Fitness and are found in Malls
Kohl’s – Selling Clothing/Apparel, Sneakers and are found in small Shopping Centers
Target – Selling Clothing/Apparel, Sneakers, Food, Accessories and found in Malls
Walmart – Selling Clothing/Sports Accessories, Food and found in Shopping Centers
Payless Stores – Sneakers, Clothes, Accessories and found in Malls
Steve Madden – Sneakers, Boots, Accessories and found on line
Onlinestore – Selling sneakers, accessories on line
SneakersNStuff – Selling sneakers, accessories on line
KyBoot – Selling sneakers for people that have problems with their feet (diabetes, flat foot etc.)

Any one of these stores can be found on this website, so come and join me with the Sales and Discounts that they offer.

Some of the Brands are:

Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Converse, Puma, Under Amour, Air Jordan’s, New Balance, Asics, Babolat, Brooks, DC, Dunlop, Fila, Hummel, Kappa, Keds, Lescon, Merrell, Lotto, PF Flyers, Pro Keds, Sancony, Sketchers, Umbro and Vans and many many more.

Variety of Special Sneakers and Shoes

Approach Sneaker                                                                                               Hiking Shoe
Bowling Shoe – Has a harder rubber sole                                                       Racing Flats
Cleats                                                                                                                      Skate Shoes
Climbing Shoe                                                                                                      Track Sneaker
Cross Trainers                                                                                                      Wrestling Shoe
Dance Shoe                                                                                                            Boxing Shoe
Football Boot                                                                                                         Golf Shoes

In 1970 there were only 5 models, by 1998 they had 285 models and by 2012 there were 3,371 different models.

Sports Uses

The term “Athletic Sneakers” are usually used for running in marathons, 1/2 marathon’s, basketball or tennis (just to mention some) but does not use this term for sports that are played on grass as Association Football and Rugby Football. These shoes are generally known as “cleats”.

Athletic Sneakers have a flexible sole and appropriate tread for each different function and are able to absorb the  impact with the ground that’s being played on.  Since the expansion of industry, this term “Athletic Sneaker” is based more on the design of the bottom of the shoe then the top.

The designs of today include sandals, Mary Janes and styles which can be used for running, dancing and jumping.  The shoes themselves are made of flexible rubber for the soles.  The original manufacturing  of the shoe was designed for a basic look.  But over time they now manufacture and design for specific purposes. The spiked shoe for running is a prime example.