Athlete’s Foot Review

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot

Athlete’s Foot is a common skin infection of the feet caused by a fungus.  Itching, scaling and redness are some of the symptoms.  Even blistering in some severe cases.  This fungus usually affects between the toes, but is not limited and can infect the whole foot sometimes.  If not taken care of properly, it can effect the hands also.

Athlete’s Foot can be caused by a number of fungi.  This infection usually is picked up by coming in contact with infected skin most of the time, either by pool side or in a locker room.  This is why you should wear sandals or flip flops while in these area’s.

Most of the time this can be prevented by not walking around barefoot in public places.  Also keeping toenails cut short, wearing large enough shoes and changing socks daily.  If infected you would have to keep the feet dry and clean.  Treatment can be either with medication applied to the feet or oral medication taken as pills or liquid (as seen in the picture).  The use of a cream is usually applied for approximately 4 weeks.


Athlete’s Foot Cream

If the infection is not taken care of properly, it can eventually affect the toenails.  This condition is very itchy.  Scratching the infected areas could cause bleeding and spread the infection more.  With open wounds the person is susceptible to a bacterial infection.

Scratching the infected area’s can also cause the infection to spread to the fingers and under the fingernails. If the scales fall all around this can also spread to others or even to other parts of the body.  Not only can they infect others but also reinfect the person the scales came from.  If the fungi spreads to pets, it can easily be picked up by someone petting the animal.

To prevent athlete’s foot, you should keep your feet dry, wearing cotton socks, keeping toenails short and clean, not wearing tight footwear and using an antifungal powder on the feet.  The fungus needs a warm and moist environment to survive.  This means you need to keep your feet dry, and clean.  Bleach will kill the infection in bathrooms, showers, sinks and counters.  But never use the bleach directly on the skin.

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