Amazon Black Friday 2020

New Shoes on Black Friday

Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales for 2020

A lot of people call sneakers, shoes, which is very true. So different kinds of shoes are coming out every week, in the form of sneakers, boots, sandals, hi heels, and work shoes. When you go to look for a pair of these “shoes”, you have to know how good they are, what brand they are, what size and color you are looking for. Well I would just like to tell you there are a lot of these shoes on the shelves today that would kill your feet.

The new style sneakers they are bringing out have softer sides, fit better, and are very comfortable on your feet. For the sneakerheads out there, all they have to do is go to! or Foot Locker for the new releases. but for us we would most likely have to go to Kohls, Walmart, Target or some other clothing store.

When the new sneakers come out, all the stores want to have them on their shelves, but I have gone into some of these stores and couldn’t find my size or width. So I walk out, frustrated, go to my computer to get the right size, width, color and brand. This coming week Free Shipping and discounts at Amazon who is having a Black Friday Sale on all their goods, not only on sneakers and shoes, but on everything in their store. It starts on July 16, at 12PM Pacific Time. That’s 3PM Eastern Time in NY.

The thing is for the Free Shipping and the Discounted Sneakers on all their items, you have to be a Prime Customer. Being a prime customer has its advantages, because it is good all year round and when you buy something it is usually delivered within 2 to 3 days (if that long), I’ve received things overnight from them.

This is only a 36-hour sale which will feature more than a million deals, and its global reach is at Australia, Singapore, Netherlands, Luxembourg, US, UK, Spain, Mexico, Japan, India, Italy, Germany, France, china, Canada, Belgium and Austria.

Amazon will have a million products that will be on sale, but not all at the same time, and not all for the duration of the sale. Some will only be available during certain hours, for example, while others may sell out. The offers will differ in the different countries. Basically you would have to be an Amazon Prime member, but some vendors may offer discounts to all shoppers.


What Is Prime Day?

Amazon had started back in 2015, when they celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a full day of discounts, not just on Amazon products, but on tens of thousands of other items as well. It was modestly successful, OK it was wildly popular — despite some small set-backs. In the years since, they have worked to make more products and more inventory available (so items will not sell out immediately) and simplify the means of finding sale items.


When Is Prime Day?

It will start, as I had said before, on July 16 at 3 PM ET and 12PM PT for 36 hours and expanded to all the countries I had mentioned before.


Who Can Shop On Prime Day?

Prime Day is for Amazon Prime subscribers only. If your not a paid member, you can not take advantage of the sales and discounts. Note, though, that Prime Day is only one of the several advantages of being an Amazon Prime member. As you have heard, the company has raised its annual Prime rate to $119.00. That’s the price for newcomers and existing subscribers alike. But will Prime Day have a Prime subscription deal?


What Kinds Of Deals Will There Be?

On Prime Day there will be a lot of deals going down, like Amazon’s branded products: $70 for Fire TVFire Tablets, Kindle E-readers and of course every Echo Speaker. Beyond that, look for the Black Friday Assortment of deals in pretty much every category. There will be a lot of standouts like in 2017. They had sweet deals on the Motorola Moto G5 plus for $220 phone and a 55 inch 4K TV with built in Fire TV. But don’t get carried away, many of the discounts are no better than what you would find in the average Amazon Gold Box daily deals.


How Do I Tell If A Deal Is Really A Deal?

On the internet, every day is Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Prime Day. That means you should check out every deal with some skepticism — or at least a little bit of research. One place to start, would be CamelCamelCamel. This site tracks Amazon’s price history. Before pulling the plug, check out CamelCamelCamel and search in their site for the product(s) you are looking for. You ight discover that the product had been priced lower in the past, and therefore may be again.

At the same time, consider using a browser plug-in such as Honey, which can instantly inform you if any third party sellers have the same product for a lower price. Finally check other sites, like Best Buy, Walmart and other major stores, who usually bring out their own sales on Prime Day, offering loss-leaker prices on popular items.


How Can I Shop On Prime Day If I’m Not A Prime Subscriber?

As mentioned before, you can’t, but you may be able to secure the system a little. For starters, if you have never been a subscriber before, you can get a free one-month Amazon Prime Trial. Sign up right now and you’ll be able to shop Prime Day during the trial period.

It’s even better if your a student: Amazon has partnered with Spirit to offer college students a 50% off of a Six Month Trial.




Some Deals Before Monday, Prime Day.

Some of the best Amazon price deals are available now. Even though the official date to start isn’t until Monday and all day Tuesday. Early Prime Day 2018 deals include cheap 4K TV sets, Go Pro camera prices are slashed this weekend and $ 100 discounts on Echo speakers, according to the full Prime Day deal list. Amazon is keen on building out your home with its multimedia-rich technology. Deal previews of on-line items to come include the Kindle e-reader and The DJI drone at their lowest prices ever on Amazon, Both launch on Prime Day.


In Conclusion

Be on the lookout for a Prime subscription deals in the days before Prime Day. Even though its questionable whether Amazon would offer such a deal so soon after enacting a price increase, Prime Days very existence is for the purpose of attracting new subscribers. And yet an $89 price rate for new subscribers wouldn’t be unthinkable.


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