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Do you think there are a lot of people looking for Cheaper Sneakers?  

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When we say cheaper sneakers,  people think that the people buying the cheap sneakers are cheapO’s. But that is not the case, because when someone can only afford to pay a certain price for the footwear, there is always some reason. Maybe there was a fire, like in California, and now they do not have anything left.  They need footwear to walk around in something.  Or maybe they are on a set budget because of a sickness in the family.  A large family would be a good reason also.

So it doesn’t mean that when someone is looking for a cheap sneaker they should be looked down upon.  Most of the time we should just pray that we never find ourselves in an unfortunate situation like that. And if we can help them in any way we should.


What do Cheaper Sneakers look like, are they discounted or

Just on sale?

There are places that sell or even give away sneakers to the homeless, or people in dire need of footwear.  You have the Salvation Army or Catholic Charities, just to name a couple.  You also have some stores like Payless, DSW or Walmart’s who have cheap sneakers for anywhere from $13 dollars to $21 dollars. So going to Payless you can get some great discounts and sales:Payless ShoeSource


Will they hold up as well as a better priced sneaker?

Given that the higher priced sneakers wear out very quickly also, depending on how we are using them.  The lower priced sneakers can last just as long and sometimes look better than their counter part.  It is more important that the fit is right for your feet so you walk and carry yourself well.  With a bad fit not only would they hurt your feet but they would look awkward. USA, LLC

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Walmart has discounts all year round!  When you want a bargain, this is the store to go to.  Do you know another?  I would like to know, maybe Kohl’s or Payless.  They do not have as many things as Walmart.  If you do know some other place, let me know below in the comments.

When you want to show your significant other that you love them and not have a lot of money to do that, Walmart is the place to be for this Memorial Day.  Most of the time, we don’t know what to get.  So come and visit. You can’t beat the prices.



Where can you get Cheaper Sneakers. 

Discount Store

As I have mentioned before, the cheaper sneakers and shoes can be gotten here at these stores  Payless,
 Walmart Gift Guide



This doesn’t mean that any of these stores are lower grade than any of the others out there.  It just means that most of the time you can get better deals here.Check them out!

 If you can afford right now a pair of sneakers from Amazon, I would like to make a couple of suggestions.  First check out other stores on this website for the same sneakers, they may be cheaper.  But if you like the one’s from Amazon, order 2 pairs, say size 9 1/2 and a size 10, this way which ever fits better is the pair to keep.  You have to try them on as you get them because Amazon has a short window to return items.  You will get all your money back and returns are free.


Is that what they would throw around the electric and telephone lines in the streets?



When I was a little younger as a kid,  when your sneakers ripped or wore out, we would get together and tie the shoelaces together and see if they could be wrapped around the lines that passed in front of the street between poles.  The more pairs of sneakers we would have the better.  It was a thing where everyone that passed them would say, those were mine, and they would stay there for years as an ornament.




In Conclusion:  We never want to be the criticizer, because some day we may be the criticizee.

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