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Believe It Or Not, I’m Bill


Hi, Everyone, I’m Bill, I live in the suburbs of New York. I have always been fighting with my weight, so I joined a gym. But as we all know, you have to wear some kind of footwear. We have all kinds of sneakers that can be bought to help our feet.

Having been fascinated on how any types of Sneakers there are in all the different sports. The reason I created this site, is to help people to pick and choose the type of sneakers they would be comfortable wearing. To do this I am going to share some of my youth experiences with you and what my feet are telling me today.

When I was a kid, the only sneakers that could be bought were KEDS, ankle hi, with white shoe laces. They helped keep your ankles firm. I had first ran track in High School, and then after, played handball most of the days, all day long. This happened until I was 18 and had gotten my first real job. Then could only wear sneakers after work.

A little later, we were able to get about eight guy’s together to play racquetball on Sunday mornings.  I finally got good at it playing every week.  Then as anything else we disbanded, who left the neighborhood, who couldn’t do it any more, because Sunday’s were family day.  This was great exercise…and the SNEAKERS changed to different kinds, one set for running, one set for walking, one set for playing basketball etc.  Now they have designer SNEAKERS.

Today, everyone just wears sneakers all the time.  Even some people change at work, to be more comfortable during the day. You can start your experience at Sneakers on the Run website.

Always I wish you all the Best and Good HUNTING.



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